cryptography is mathematics ?

about a month ago my friend said that cryptography is mathematics. I immediately re-think cryptography is really mathematics? mathematics is widely used in cryptography (and other subjects) but to assumes that the cryptography is mathematics I think that’s too excessive.

I think cryptography is art and science of to secure the message (more precisely to make the message has a fourth aspect of cryptography: confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation) about how to achieve them you can use math problems, a chemical substance used as an invisible-ink , or with our knowledge of light properties uses light as OTP(One Time Pad) like quantum crypthograpy

so cryptography is the applicative science that uses various other disciplines to achieve these four aspects of cryptography and not only mathematics .


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One Response to “cryptography is mathematics ?”

  1. generalvlad86 Says:

    true, it’s a lot of logic behind all this but many logical parts could be brought back to mathematics in what way ever. just think about the set theory and it’s logical operators.

    anyway if you have more ideas about that topic, tell me it would be a very good discussion 🙂

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